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Interactive Product Presentation: Engine Bearings and Bearing Repair
Avaruustekniikka, lentokoneet ja helikopterit



Extreme reliability under extreme conditions

Our rolling bearing systems with integrated adjacent components are used in airplanes and spacecraft construction, resulting in increased performance, safety and reliability and reduced system costs. These parts also withstand extremely low or high temperatures, weightlessness, and high acceleration forces.

Temperature resistance

Extreme temperatures ranging from - 250 °C to + 500 °C demand extreme temperature resistant materials, from high temperature steels to case hardened materials and nickel superalloys to ceramics.

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion is one of the main causes of bearing failure. We therefore utilise highly corrosion-resistant materials in our bearings, which significantly improves service life and reliability.

Component integration and weight reduction

Today‘s demands are reduced system and life-cycle cost, better performance, increased reliability, simplified installation at less weight. Therefore we develop integrated bearing systems where interfaces are eliminated and surrounding parts become an integral part of the design.

Fields of application of our products

  • in aero engines as main shaft bearings and gearbox bearings
  • in helicopters as rotor mast bearings, gearbox and transmission bearings, swash plate bearings as well as rotor blade bearings,
  • in space technology as turbopump bearings and bearings for space mechanisms
  • special applications (e.g. nuclear technology, medical systems, high-performance turbochargers, etc.)

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